Thursday, June 11, 2009

Summer is Here; Session is Over

I got my birthday wish...freaking sunburned like a lobster. The lake was awesome and I was there on a Saturday which means I wasn't in the office or delivering wedding flowers or sending a bride down the aisle. I Wasn't Working!

I wanted to hang out by the pool at my parents house but I was still to red so there was shopping and eating and napping and it was great. I've actually gone to the grocery store and watered the plants. Are these the things that normal people do? I guess that means things are getting back to normal.

Now on a mission to get the 3rd bedroom ready for a 3rd roommate...she gets here on Sunday. Need to find a queen size bed and a place for all my crap that is in that room. The Scott Halfway House is open for business and there are currently no vacancies...unless you're willing to live in the dining room.