Thursday, February 4, 2010

Preppy Dog

Ok it's official, I've become that dog owner. I'm turning my cute puppy into a preppy frat boy*. I had to have him shaved just before Christmas and all he did was curly into a ball and shiver. We were traveling to my parents and it was snowing and I felt so guilty that I purchased him a dog sweater. He loved it...danced around the house and got upset when I would take it off of him.

So last night I saw that Dillard's was having a huge sale and I needed to stock up tights. Low and behold there was this little bitty rack of dog sweaters and jackets and I couldn't help myself...for $3.40 I turned my dog into a preppy*.

*I want to make it clear that I have nothing against preppyness or frat boys. I wish I was more preppy than not and I do love all things nautical, pink and green, and golf. I just don't know if that's the right direction for my dog.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Purple Power

...and no I'm not talking about the magic cleaning product. I'm talking about these rediculous high heels that I walked away with last night.

I needed to run to the Nine West Outlet Store last night to purchase some new black pumps for work. These are my go to work shoes. I wear them at least twice a week. LOVE THEM but the heel broke yesterday and the super glue just wasn't going to hold it. Of course you have to look around the whole store. It's freaking buy one, get one half off. So I walked out with my trusty black pumps and these!