Tuesday, September 1, 2009

About Damn Time

It's not a secret that I have a horrible dating record. And let's be honest, it has been pretty much non-existant for the last 5 years. I've been informed by more than a few people that I've never really been on a true date. You know the kind where the boy drives to the girl's house; picks her up and then they go somewhere to eat or what not. I will clairify that I did have a few boys take me to Taco Cabana but apparently that doesn't count.

The spell has been broken my friends, this girl may have waited until she is closest to 30 but it finally happened. YES - a real true blue date that included the opening of car doors, a fabulous meal with drinks after. I guess you could say I've just been pocrastinating....that is what I do best!

I know what you are all thinking...it was a fluke. Ok, really that was what I was thinking but to put the icing on the cake; there is the possiblity of a second date tomorrow night.

Was the news worth the wait?!?!


I have been m.i.a. and I have news to share. The last two weeks have been chalked full of events that have rocked my world.

1. I have hot pink hair. Yes, you read correctly I have the most awesome hot pink section of hair at the nape of my neck. Conservative hair no more...I'm loving the surprise of wearing my hair pulled up with just a little bit of pink showing. The rock girl is coming out in me.

2. I'm putting the finishing touches on the plans for the BS Weekend trip to Baltimore. Including 2 baseball games, the national aquarium, and tons of seafood for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

3. The PA is back in Texas and we are meeting up for some quality family time on Thursday night. It's all very exciting and I can't wait to see her.

4. Something happened to me over the weekend and it deserves it's own post...later today so stay tuned!!! (you will all be shocked, proud, and impressed beyond belief)