Friday, November 13, 2009

Internet Star

And no it's not some leaked sex tape...promise!

Please go to

Click on videos and search for Allieflower.

Yes, I have 10 videos posted. Feel free to leave comments of praise and humor. If I get a lot of hits then maybe they will ask me to do some more. If you have suggestions for my camera voice, look, etc. please let me know. I'm taking all the advice I can get.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The Graduate

I know you guys have been waiting for the Howdy updates. He and I have been attending the Petsmart Beginner Training class for the last 8 weeks. Let's just say it's been interesting and I don't know who was trained more him or me. Howdy is a wonderful puppy and I love him but there is a stubborn streak like you wouldn't believe. Is he trainable? Depends on my patients level...but we did it!

I present to you Class of 2009 graduate, Howdy the Dog!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Hiatus is Over

Oh so I think it's about time for a new post, don't you? Thought so.

A lot has happened in the last two months and you might want an update. First, I have a boyfriend. Yes, I know it's a miracle...I'm more shocked than most. Here we will call him Rancher because that's what he does for a living...duh! He's wonderful and since he's the lucky guy who took me on my very first real date, he's stuck with me. He's the type of guy that always opens the car door for me; the type of guy that lets me complain about the same thing over and over again; the type of guy that helps cook dinner. If you want to know more just ask...details will be leaked slowly as to take up blog time.

Other things that have happened in the last two months:
-Brother and I had BS Weekend '09 in Baltimore.

-Attended a couple of Fight'n Texas Aggie Football games and listened to A&M beat the hell outa Texas Tech.

-I've attended the Chisum Ranch Rodeo where I rode horses; Fredericksburg Food and Wine Festival where I drank to much; and Wursfest the ten day salute to sausage.

-Hosted Miss Peddler's Bachelorette Weekend and it was fantastic...those girls can party.

-Tomorrow will be Howdy Dog's graduation from training will be takend and posted.

-Allie B had her bouncing baby boy and is now awaiting my posts while on maternity leave!

It's been a busy and fun 2 months but don't worry I'm back and ready to make you all laugh and roll your eyes.