Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Nothing Coming or Going

I've got nothing. I've spent the weekend painting and am still not sure about it and Monday and today working my butt off. I'm boring right now but as soon as something fantastic happens I'll let you know.

Or something crazy/horrible/embarrassing/blog worthy...

Fun Pic

This was from the ferry as I was leaving Mackinac Island.


Sassidy said...

I was going to say...I think that's the island! I sadly might have to go back there next summer. NO JOBS in NYC. :(

DillyDallyDani said...

So I tried to post on Tuesday but it had issues because I timed out apparently. Finally it went up today. I can't wait until you're here to VISIT WITH ME. I know that's the real reason why you are coming and the meeting is just a side treat.

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