Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Thinking about thoughts

So this blog use to be a place that I was funny, witty, and entertaining. Honestly I used it as a place to kill time during the work day when there wasn't anything happening. As life picked up, my three jobs progressed, and I didn't really have much to say, I stopped blogging.

I've been thinking about it more and more lately. Should I resume blogging here? Do I have anyone that would still read what's going on in my corner of the world? IF either of these questions are answered with YES....what would you like to hear about?

I'm ready to get back on the blog train...I'm just needing a push. This is the time for blog lurker to speak up and let me know you are there and what you want to hear about.

Help a sister out...throw me a bone...give me a needed!

Love & Later,



Busy Bee Andrea said...

So, I am a huge blog reader and love reading yours... Even if they are sporadic. You do so many cool things! If you do decide to change your blog... Please share :)

Pelirroja said...

- comments on celebrity drama
- places to eat the best quail
- favorite places to visit in Texas and why
- juicy tidbits on bigwig politicians
- the 8 million reasons why fort worth is amazing
- updates on tv shows and your thoughts for those of us without dvr
- magazine subscriptions worth the money
- hairstyles
- make-up application and instructions for all occasions
- tips for eating more fiber, because heaven knows that no one eats enough fiber
- beauty secrets in general
- a run-through of the typical day of life in the eyes of procrastination allie during session
- the worst thing you've ever eaten
- pros/cons of indoor pets
- celebration of half-birthdays...yay or nay?

Todd said...

I want more hunting tips. What works better as a cover scent fox urine or skunk scent? Stuff like that. Maybe you could share tips on how to get zinnias to bloom in 4 days from seed (amazing). Just keep blogging because we love it and you!!

Procrastination Free Living said...

I would like to hear about is how to overwhelm the procrastination.. But I do learn a lot of tips or idea in your blog!!.