Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Five Weeks

It's session*; it's midnight; I'm still at work. This is where it all starts going down hill, up hill, and all to shit. This new job and new boss have been great and I have absolutely nothing to complain about yet. Let me put it in prospective...I haven't slept in my office yet. The crunch time is happening as we speak. Bills are flying around, some moving forward and some dying a slow death in committee land.

More importantly I'm dreaming of a vacation long over due. I'm looking for suggestions on places to visit. Right now the beach isn't sounding that great (I'm living in my office, not the gym) with the requirement of a swimsuit. Do you have any favorite places that you'd like to share with me?

*Session last 140 days but it seems they try to cramp the majority of my work into the last six weeks. Why? Who knows; but that's how these clowns roll.

Love & Later -


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