Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Big Red Balls

Wipeout - ABC, Tuesday, 7:00pm cst

This is one of my favorite TV shows right now. It all started a few summers back when there was thing call the writers strike going on. There is just something about watching people run an obstacle course, fall, bounce, and flail around that is hilarious to me. One of the best parts is the hosting. John Anderson, John Henson, and Jill Wagner give fantastic commentary on each contestant and their lack of ability, weird job, or personality trait. You should all check it out...until next time Goodnight and Big Balls.

Love and Later -


*I know that my very dear friend, Allison, thinks this show is dumb which is why she will be doing next weeks guest review of some vampire something that I don't watch!

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Maggie said...

I love this show... it really cracks me up. The people are nuts; dancing and jumping around like they're crazy, but its hilarious. Also, the guys usually give the contestants funny nicknames!