Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Straw, Ribbon, and Canvas Oh My

I'm getting ready to pack a bag and head to the river this weekend for some family time and hanging out in the water. It's summer in Texas and the means it's HOT - water please!

With that being said I'm usually the girl with the big sunglasses and a hat on my head. I'll admit I'm a baseball cap kind of girl but I'm starting to branch out...a little. Yes I know that ball caps don't protect your ears but I'm a sunscreen believer so don't yell at me. Here are some hat I'm loving right now. Some are out of control and some are right up my alley. Hat wearer or not you've got to love the style they create with a fun sundress!

Love & Later -


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Pelirroja said...

Question....is every person a 'hat person'? I've always been really jealous of people who can wear hats well and I just dont think I am able to pull those off. Is this just me not branching out, or are there people out there who should not wear hats?? (meaning myself). much love!