Sunday, September 28, 2008

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday

I was wrong and I'll be the first to admit it.....the furniture was successfully moved back into the living room and the world is right again. Bro and Ad Girl totally rocked this weekend by helping set up for the baby shower and then helping move all the furniture back in this afternoon; I think mostly because Bro wanted to take a nap and watch football but hey who cares why? Awesomeness is also the status because after mass went to the favorite Tex Mex place and they took care of the bill at lunch today. That's a rock star in my book. Ad Girl gets a bonus star for ordering a glass of champagne with lunch. You might be thinking; this girl eats a lot of tex mex and the answer is YES! Who wouldn't love melty cheese on top of ranchero sauce and tortillas filled with more melty cheese - duh.

Things I'm loving about today:

1. Blackout curtains in the living room to make it extra dark for napping.....thanks for doing that mom.

2. Fall decorations I just finished putting out including this wreath.

3. The Tyler Candle burning that smells kinda like heaven; sent French Market.

4. The Ice Tea Maker

5. Not really have anything to do.....

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