Monday, September 29, 2008

Please Don't Judge...

....but I ate KFC for dinner. Don't get me wrong there's nothing wrong with fast food or drive thru windows but I just have this disgust for the Kentucky Fried, chiefly because I hate chicken skin and bones. Seeing as that's the case I did order the chicken strip vote is a blah and a half. Said fast food joint is the closed eatery to my house and in the 5 1/2 years that I've lived in this neighborhood I've NEVER pulled ordered at that window. I was just so hungry and don't have any food in my house other than the huge block of velveeta and as much as I love queso and could make some I don't even have any chips to scoop into my mouth. Yes, I know going to the freaking grocery store would solve 90% of the problem but I was ready to be at home and in couch clothes. This is NOT what I unwrapped when I got home - trust me the 16 year old that made my wrap forgot that it might actually need to be wrapped.....duh!

But like always the Diet Dr Pepper was EXCELLENT so that get the bonus star for today!!!

After work I had some serious errand running to take care of so the mall was beckoning. I had a shirt to drop off at the alterations place, needed to get Designer a couple of bridal shower gifts so I can get them in the mail (one of her parties is on Sunday, oops). I also did some returning and exchanging to do thanks to Bath & Body Works and Victoria's Secret. Then there was Hobby Lobby for the rest of Designer's shower gifts. She's getting married on November 15th so one of the showers is featuring at Christmas ornament presentation for their first tree. Super cute idea so I got this fantastic glass honeymoon getaway car with the tin cans attached to the back. I would also like to announce that I didn't make any frivolous purchases....just lots of window shopping thank you very much.

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