Friday, September 26, 2008

Waiting on a chicken

So it seems that procrastination can be anywhere. My brother is in town and we went to eat at my favorite texmex place for lunch. It was packed, as usual for a Friday when there are 10,000 things going on in and around town this weekend. After consuming about 10,000 baskets of chips and hot sauce, I started to wonder what was taking so long. Bro ordered the Straight Plate, enchiladas with eggs on top but it's on the menu so it wasn't crazy or anything. I look at Bro and ask what the problem could be...

Bro: maybe they ran out of eggs or something
Me: yeah or maybe they have a chicken in the back and they are waiting for it to lay the stupid eggs on your enchiladas...

Now that's procrastination....waiting for a chicken to lay an egg

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