Wednesday, October 1, 2008

$$$ down the tube

So I just picked my car up from the shop....Un-be-lievable. I just spent $190.00 on a new factory model gas cap for the car. Really, they better have been sure that the gas cap was the only problem or I'm going to through a screaming, hissy fit the next time the check engine blinks at me. I can think of about 10,000 things that could have been wrong but never in 10,000 year would I have guess that for the last 10 years this car has had the incorrect gas cap. Has anyone ever heard of this?

Lawyer get the bonus star today for picking me and my crap up at the shop at taking me to work - by the way she has a fancy new car and it's making me wish for something shiny and new....which I could have purchased with the $190. This thing is not shiny at all....there could be some bedazzling of a gas cap in my future (just joking - maybe).

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