Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Yes my house is finally fixed and clean! I had the plumber in on Friday and have working hot water in the kitchen, and new garbage disposal installed, and master bath toilet that flushes without water spilling out of the tank. Mom and I did a super clean on Sunday after the V-day wedding masterpiece including ceiling fan dusting, a pre-soak of the kitchen floor and then mopping, sweeping of garage and patio, and closet shifting. And yesterday was the best; a full steam cleaning of all the carpet in the house and yes he got ride of the nasty stain that was right at the front door.

Now all I need is to start on the room redo next weekend. I've got a paint color and some new blinds but still need stuff like nightstands...suggestions.

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DillyDallyDani said...

Awesome! My house is next! By the way, the hubbie cleaned our living room carpets on Saturday for me for V-day and this morning he fell asleep while watching tv and dropped his coffee cup in the floor.