Tuesday, February 3, 2009

It might be over

I haven't posted in a week, that's 7 days people! I know I only have a few readers but I can't believe that no one had a single question for me. I might just end the blog right here if I don't get any love. Dilly Dally my constant commenter and I love her for that but I have over 2000 minutes in my roll over plan and I could just talk to her everyday for that. Comments please - yes I have been reduced to begging. Please let me know who's reading....


Anonymous said...

Why do you refer to yourself as Procrastination Allie? How did this come up?

What is your favorite of your three jobs?

What are your Spring must-haves?

And what is your favorite recipe?

DillyDallyDani said...

I feel like such a terrible person. I haven't read your blog (or any blog for that matter----don't worry I haven't been blog cheating on you) in so long that I actually had to click "Older Posts" at the bottom of you blog to start catching up.

You + Me = Conversation very soon!