Monday, February 9, 2009

iPhone Apps

So PA asked about the iPhone and some of my favorite applications!

Pandora - The music group that most have on their computer is available for the it for just hanging around the house while cleaning or reading magazines.

Around Me - A great tool if you're driving or in a new can get the closest gas station, coffee shop or hospital.

Shazam - Maybe my favorite - you just hit the button and in 10 seconds it will tell you the song that's playing on the radio, elevator or movie theatre.

Take Me to my Car - Helpful when going out at get out of your car and your phone will remember so when you bar hopped all night you just hit the find button and it will give you walking directions back to the random parking garage where you left the car.

Solitaire - because I don't get enough of this game at work...yes I'm a dork but that's why you love me...right?


Kayla said...

I forgot all about "around me"! I think you told me that one at Christmas. Good picks. I highly approve. AAAND I just saw an ad that said DWTS is starting in LESS than one month!! ...and life can look promising after all...

DillyDallyDani said...

Oh wow! I think I need an iphone now.